Stand out

Consumers have lots of choices, and an endless amount of resources at their fingertips. Having a robust online review presence allows you to stand out from the competition, and gives consumer the social proof that they should choose your restaurant over everyone else!

Consumers who have had either an extremely positive or extremely negative experience are much more likely to post a review without an invitation. The middle 98% of your customers are getting great service, but need a gentle reminder to help them take the next step. Don’t let the outliers control your digital reputation!

Take control

Get found

SEO, Google Map 3-Pack, keyword density, what does it all mean? The variables around SEO are confusing and are constantly changing. One thing, however, remains constant, your online review presence effects your SEO ranking. Consistent, quality reviews across a variety of review sites helps you get found online!

More reviews means more social proof, which showcases your restaurant and attracts more customers. ReviewJoy gives you the tools to efficiently build your digital reputation so that more customers walk through your door!

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