Build trust

Your patients are trusting you with their health, and they are doing their homework to ensure you are skilled, trustworthy, and reliable. ReviewRamp allows you to boost your online review presence, which gives your potential patients peace of mind and the social proof they need when making such an important decision.

As odd as it may seem for consumers to post reviews about healthcare, it is becoming a stark reality and a normal practice. In fact, there are more healthcare review sites than there are for any other single industry. Consumers crave some type of social proof before making such an important decision, and are using online reviews to help make this decision.

Recognize that people are looknig at reviews

Let your happy customers shine

In the healthcare industry, consumers tend to post reviews after either an extremely positive or negative experience, even if the negative experience is outside of the provider’s control. ReviewJet allows you to efficiently and conveniently reach your happy customers, allows them to post reviews, and highlight their positive experiences.

More reviews means more social proof, which builds trust, and drives more patients through your door. Let ReviewJet automate this process and help build your digital reputation so that you can do what you do best, serve patients!

Get more patients through the door